10 tips to cut the flab without any pill – lose weight naturally

Losing weight naturally without taking any pill is not that difficult. The difficult part is to get rid of loose skin on your abs, thighs and arms after you’ve lost the weight. Many believe that dieting is the answer to everything; sadly, it’s not. Depriving yourself from healthy carbs and proteins is not the healthiest way to get back in shape. Starving your body is not a solution either. Here are 10 amazing (and realistic) tips to help you out.

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  1. Don’t skip breakfast

This might seem trivial, but it’s the truth – breakfast is your most important meal of the day. But then again, this doesn’t mean stuffing your body with cocoa cereal and Nutella every morning to grab your share of energy. Replace unhealthy foods with better variants such a whole grains, smoothies and dairy products.

  1. Stay away from the kitchen after 7 pm

If you want to lose weight and get rid of extra fat around the belly area, you might want to stop eating after 7 pm. If you feel hungry drink a glass of water; fizzy water or hot tea are also viable alternatives. This is important because the body needs to rest, not to mention that our digestive system also needs a break to process whatever you’ve eaten throughout the day.

  1. Cut back on fizzy drinks with added sugar

Fizzy drinks are your body’s worst nightmare. They make you feel bloated, thus widening your stomach and making you crave more food. On top of that, they’re packed with added sugar. As an alternative, you could try fresh squeezed lemon juice, sparkling water or low-calorie veggie juice.

  1. All eyes on the veggies

Include more vegetables into your diet and cut back on the meat. Leafy-greens are low in fat and high in vitamins and minerals. A large salad for lunch will keep you full until supper without making you feel heavy and uncomfortable. If you’re not into salads, then have your veggies steamed, and season them with aromatic spices rather than salt.

  1. Make cardio your best friend

When you’re trying to lose weight naturally, eating healthy is not enough to make your dream come true. You have to include exercise into your regime as well. Cardio is the most efficient way to lose fat and remodel your body. If running on a treadmill for 30 minutes is not your thing, try zumba, pilates, yogalates, or dancing.

  1. Replaced refined grains with whole grains

Replace refined grains such as pretzels, white bread, cookies and cake with brown rice, whole-rye crackers, and bran flakes. Refined products are high in carbohydrates that make you even hungrier, and don’t keep your stomach full for long; they’re also packed with calories. Whole grains on the other hand, are rich in fiber that keeps you satisfied without making you gain extra weight.

  1. Resize your portions

When it comes to losing weight, there’s a golden rule you must learn to apply: never stand up from the table feeling full. Resize your portions and restructure your menu. If you can’t give up meat, then don’t; but trim the size and more vegetables in the plate. Moderation works miracles!

  1. Healthy snacks

It’s natural to feel hungry between meals. But it’s not a good idea to have Sneakers. Instead, have a banana or an apple. Low-fat yogurt, a slice of whole-grain bread with peanut butter or a small portion of nut are excellent choices too.

  1. Supplementation

Don’t confuse all-natural supplements based on herbal ingredients that are 100% natural with diet pills because it’s not the same thing. Including a green tea supplement into your diet will help the body burn more fat. The effect is even stronger if you’re exercising daily, and before you know it your belly fat will be gone.

  1. Avoid stress

They say stress leads to over-eating. Many people find comfort in food when they’re feeling down. The happier you feel the more motivated you’ll be to eat healthy and work out. Don’t let your nerve get the best of you; meditate to release your mind and body from stress, and connect to things and scenarios that bring you joy.

By Alfred Stallion and Supplemented.co.uk!

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