Aquafitness benefits for health

Aquafitness benefits for health

A pool party … but for our health. This is the aqua fitness, aerobic activity that enhances the benefits of sport in the fitness rooms thanks to the natural resistance of the water.

If you want to lose weight, gain muscle and improve your range of motion while having fun in the pool, you are the right person to practice one of the hottest sports in gyms: the aquafitness.

This sport, which is also known as water aerobics is a popular variant of aerobics that thronged the halls of gyms in the 80s of the very famous Jane Fonda or, in Spain, Eva Nasarre. The novelty: now practiced in the water making it much more complete.

In this sense, the aquafitness is implementation of different types of exercise in a pool with shallow, although it is advisable to have different depths to switch more exercise. And in the water we have a great advantage that we can not make a living conventional gym or our own living room at home , which is nothing other than becoming more light due to buoyancy in the aqueous medium.

Because of this, we will have the ability to exercise with less risk, because the impact receiving joints is much lower. Although the effort is greater, we get more smooth and precise movements to perform them more closely and, therefore, the success of the exercise is greater than above water.

The aquafitness began as a thought for older people with reduced mobility exercise; well, it served as therapy to improve psychomotor aspects, with age, are lost due to thinning of the bones and loss of muscle tone. However, anyone who has completed a current aquafitness session can not say it’s a sport for old ladies, because it is hard to perform even very comforting.

Logically, aerobics has varied over the years from that psychomotor therapy and, today, is perfect for all ages, since it can be adapted smoothly to the physical capacity of the participants.

Aquafitness success lies in the combination of two characteristics that are very attractive and beneficial. First, the fact that is carried out in water at a temperature of between 28ºC and 31ºC causes the body temperature regulating and go our body much more pleasant feeling, while the movements in the water make us feel more comfortable and even relax us.

Moreover, the fact of listening to music while sport is done causes us more divirtamos doing exercise and even socialize more easily.

Who is indicated aquafitness?

Who is indicated aquafitness?In practice the aquafitness principle is suitable for everyone regardless of age, physical ability or muscle tone, since it can be performed more or less intensity.

Furthermore, the fact that there are different varieties with different levels of demand allows us to choose the most appropriate for each of us.

However, if we suffer some sort of illness or injury we should consult a specialist to alert us about the possible risks of their practice in our particular situation. Our doctor will explain what kind of exercise is best suited as our health and if necessary, determine the appropriateness of performing a stress test, especially for patients with heart problems.

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