Body balance for exercise program yoga

Body balance for exercise program yoga

The body balance is an exercise program that combines yoga, stretching, pilates and tai chi to train gently but effectively, relax and balance body and mind. What are you waiting to try it?

Created in 1998 by the Australian factory Les Milles, this “sweet gymnastics” will work your entire body, combining muscle toning, stretching, balance, posture correction and relaxation in one session. The Body Balance combines the best of Eastern and Western disciplines in a single class to get a complete physical and mental work.

The Body Balance is presented as an alternative for those who want to train smoothly, for those seeking an effective or who are curious oriental body disciplines mind activity. It is also perfect for other sports and physical activities complement, as it is a great job of toning and postural correction.

Body Balance classes are an experience for students, as they are aesthetically striking and movements are made so choreographed to the beat of a specially selected for each track or part of the session music.

No need to have practiced before yoga or tai chi to enter a class of Body Balance, everybody can make them, even elderly and pregnant people. The exercises are designed to be safe and effective, and always both simple and advanced options are offered. At the same choreography performed for three months, students can keep improving his technique and progress in difficulty.

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