Body core weight lifting exercise

Body core weight lifting exercise

Work your entire body from its center, the ‘core’, with a single type of physical activity is the goal of a new training program devised in Spain: the ‘Body Core’. Discover its many advantages.

Work the entire body with a single type of physical activity is a dream for many people though, today, there are already very comprehensive disciplines that seek to maximize the efforts of all those who come to work hard. And the excess of obligations and lack of free time must develop comprehensive activities that combine the maximum number of exercises possible with work as many muscles, thus getting a body 10 in less time.

One such multi-tasking activities is the Core Body, a sport that, despite its English name, it was designed in the cradle of the new sports, United States. This time, his creator was the Spanish Jesus Rivilla, doctor and professor at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (INEF) at the Polytechnic University of Madrid Activity.

In less than five years, the Body Core is already popular among coaches Spaniards and, little by little, is increasing the number of gyms that offer in its program of activities.

Core Body success lies in its perfect combination of both traditional strength exercises as purely functional, which seek to give meaning or functionality that work in the musculature.

So, this sport includes weight lifting exercises to strengthen the muscles, along with a training function that collects global movements, usually performed under load to power even more muscle strength.

For this, the Body Core, which has a portfolio of more than 300 different exercises, works mainly the central part of the body, which is called core, but not only limited to this particular area because it involves the rest of the body musculature.

The core is the dorsal-lumbar-abdominal binder, although some authors also considered part of the core throughout the body except the arms and legs. Anyway, functional movements depend mainly on the central part of the body, so a good development of it ensures the ability to develop ourselves optimally in our daily life (not just in the room of fitness) and in turn, reduce the risk of injury.

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