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The beginning

Considered as one of the most iconic surfboard shapers of the USA, Rusty began surfing at the age of 13 and shaping surfboards at the age of 16 in a factory in California. He went on to refine his shaping skills at one of the famous surfboard manufacturing company Gordon & Smith Surfboards and later moved to Canyon Surfboards.

He became much more famous after making boards for world champions like Peter Townend and Shaun Tomson. Mark Occhilupo’s performance on a thruster designed by Rusty plummeted both Mark and Rusty to fame and led him to establish the Rusty Surfboards.

His motto is as important as the man where he does not look at making design innovations but being consistent in what he has been doing all though the years.

The brand

Before 1984, no one had known about Rusty Surfboards as a brand. Rusty Preisendorfer was busy shaping under the label of Canyon Surfboards for at least 10 of the top 16 surfers of the world. Creating the brand insignia of R-Dot was under the suggestion of the world champion, Peter Townend.

Today, the brand is one of the best-recognized surfing designers of the world. Rusty International has become a status symbol and icon of the surfing world. Despite the size of the brand, the policy of the company is to handle the orders at the bottom level through custom and hand-shaped surfing boards.

The movement forward

Rusty truly believes in the communication and the feedback, which has led to the surfing society to consider the work of this brand as the top of the class. This has led to the approach of embracing innovation to design each of their surfboards.

With a legacy of world champions to whom surfboards were designed for and industry leadership in surfboard innovations and designs to boot for, Rusty Surfboards had taken in Adrian Wheeler (Aido) who was a talented shaper and manufacturer with over fifteen years of experience in the field.

Aido presently handles the Rusty Surfboards Australia’s best in class production facility, offices and showrooms. Under the leadership of Aido, Rusty Surfboards Australia produces some of the best high performance surfboards, which are focused on competition.

If you have decided to be a part of this iconic surfing culture and own a piece of the legacy of Rusty International, please visit and order your surfboard today.

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