Health benefits and spectacular

Health benefits and spectacular

Pirouettes, jumps, pyramids … are some of the stars of acrogym, a mixture of gymnastics and acrobatics figures, continually gaining adherents thanks to its health benefits and its spectacular.

The celebrities are a mirror in which reflected and a role model for many people. The clothes you choose, your beauty tips and practicing sports to keep their enviable figures are imitated by thousands of people around the world. This is the case of acrogym, a sport with tradition, however, are putting some famous Hollywood fashion in recent months.

The acrogym, which is also known as acrogimnasia, acrosport or acrobatic gymnastics , is inspired by the sports or gymnastics, but not necessary to have the qualities of Nadia Comaneci, Almudena Cid Gervasio Deffer or to go into the game and start to improve body and fitness.

And the acrogym is a combination of choreographed movements, jumps and acrobatic flips, human pyramids and dance, featuring, on the one hand, a spectacular sport to the public and, secondly, a fun, challenging activity, and full of benefits healthy for those who dare to practice, ranging from improving muscle strength through increased coordination or ability to work in teams, so valued today at job interviews.

Although part of the training can be done solo, the acrosport is a sport that is practiced in pairs or small teams, but the trust between each other and good communication are essential for the aerobatics be perfect.

Basketball fans are accustomed to seeing, in the performances of the cheerleaders during timeouts or breaks, some typical tricks of acrogym: the pyramids.

However, it was in the Soviet Union, inexhaustible cradle of top-level athletes, where they started performing acrobatics as a sport in its own right in the early 30s of last century, although it was not until 1974 when it was held first world championship of this modality that, for 15 years, is part of the International Gymnastics Federation.

Although it is common to find specialized acrogym clubs for both children and adults, many gyms have already been attached to one of the latest trends in fitness and offer in its program of activities. And it is that not only gymnasts famous Cirque du Soleil may surprise you with their acrobatics. Dare to try.

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