Lipids or fats

Lipids or fats

Lipids or fats must be present in the daily diet in adequate amounts. We explain the features and functions of the different types of fats, and why your body needs.

The fat is under the skin, serving as a store of energy, producing more than twice the energy of the released proteins and carbohydrates. It also acts as insulation against the cold and forms a supporting tissue of many organs, protecting both strokes, as with the kidneys.

Fat helps feed more enjoyable, since the presence of it in foods is essential to appreciate the aroma and taste of different foods, also helping satiety when we eat.

It is essential to health, therefore must always be included in any suitable amounts diet.

Need for dietary lipids

In general, the term ‘fat’ has negative health connotations. However, nutritionists know that fat is an essential and necessary as carbohydrates, proteins or carbohydrates nutrient.

Although currently there is no agreed about requirements for lipid intake, consumption should aprioximadamente provide 30-35% of the total energy of the diet.

It is important to bear in mind that this percentage is 10% below what the Spanish population regularly consumes.

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