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Subject: New location, new products, new programs!

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Issue: #7 Sept/2011
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Whats new???    


New location in Altoona opening soon!


We have been in Lakeside Fitness in Pleasant Hill Since November and are excited to announce the move to the City of Altoona!!   


Construction has begun at our new location (1003 8th St SW, Suite K), which is on the North side of 8th st SW, next to Hairy’s Day Spa.  While construction continues, we are still open for business in the East entrance at Lakeside Fitness (4400 E. University Ave Ste B).  




New format for our small group training

Next session starts Tues, Sept 6th!
We have been holding our Bodyscultping sessions for many years now and have had countless clients utilize our program to get some amazing results!  In fact, we boast about an 85% retention rate.  Most of our clients use this as their exclusive training protocol.  Being that it really is more like personal training than group training, we have switched the sessions into a monthly format (beginning this month).  For $142 + tax, you get 4 sessions per week (Mon-Sat) at either 5 or 6 AM, 7 or 8 AM, noon or 7 PM.  As always, we strive to help you make the most of your training both in and outside of the studio by monitoring your nutrition and watching your progress.  Groups are at most 10 clients per session so you don’t get lost in a crowd.  If you want in, let us know!

Monday Madness is TUESDAY, Sept 6th due to Monday (Labor Day) being a holiday, where you save 15% off our already great low prices. A quick note about our special: we don’t gouge our customers with high price margins (as we also have personal training and nutrition coaching services as well) so we can’t do specials like buy one, get one, or 1/2 price, but our normal prices are most retailers sale prices.  That being said, 15% off our prices are often like 50% off other retail prices!  As always, we will be handing out samples and this is the day to stock up on whatever you need or try something new to shake up your supplement program with one of our proven stacks. 

Got a great coupon or deal, remember, we’ll always match or beat it (if we’re not already!!)   

Because we’re not a corporate or franchise operation, rather an independent local business, we carry the name brands that we think are the “best bang for the buck”.  Plus we also do training, nutrition planning and coaching, so we don’t need to rely on just supplement sales for our business.  That being said, our prices are usually already a great deal, plus we won’t talk you into needless products, both ways we will save you money.  Remember, we’re all about “results and not a sales pitch”.      


Soccer skills training  

Whether a beginner, advanced or goalie, we offer Soccer skill training sessions to help your student athlete reach their full potential!  Our programs exist for the purpose of developing every player to his or her fullest individual ability.  For more information visit our website and help make your game better!


Thank you!!

for your business and continuous referrals.  Remember, we give all new referred customers 15% off and you get a $10.00 store credit as a way to say thank you!  We are thrilled to be a part of your fitness lifestyle and truly enjoy fulfilling our passion of helping people reach their full potential!


 Nutri-Sport & Full Potential Training

9992 Swanson Blvd in Clive (515-331-2141)

Nutri-Sport East

4400 East University, Suite B (in Lakeside Fitness), in Pleasant Hill (515-266-2225)

(soon to be 1003 8th St SW, STE K in Altoona)

 Supplement/training/nutrition tips
New sports nutrition products

nogii gluten free protein bar:

For those looking for gluten free foods, there FINALLY is a good protein bar to choose from!  The nogii has 30 grams of protein and is also all natural (no artificial sweetners).  There also is a bar for kids, similar to a rice-krispy bar.  Again, no gluten, no nuts and all natural.  Delicious and nutritious!!

Iso 100 Hydrolyzed whey protein from Dymatize:

Hydrolyzed whey isolate is the fastest absorbing protein and has the highest protein percentage per weight and no lactose or fat!  Taste is great too!

Whey Isolate Naturally Flavored from NOW Foods

As mentioned above, whey isolate is the most bio available protein and this is also now available in naturally flavored (no artificial sweetners) in both cookies & cream and toffee caramel fudge!! Chocolate and vanilla are still available as well.

Great nutrition tip: Walden Farms sauces 

For those of you looking for a boost in flavor but not the carbs or calories, Walden Farms is a brand that has no calorie sauces/dips that is a nice addition to your food.  Sweetened with sucralose (Splenda), there are many varieties to chose, from salad dressing to marshmallow dip.  Add it to your foods today for a little flavor!  Find it at your local grocery store in the healthy foods section.

Want more tips?  Subscribe to our blog to get supplement, training and nutrition tips:

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Blog entry: Ryan’s favorite post workout and before bed dessert recovery mixes


These are just a small handful of tips.  If you would like more or would like us to overhaul your nutrition and/or training program, contact us (515-331-2141) to set up an appointment to hit the ground running!    

Full Potential Training corner


Check out this recent success story and testimonial from Deanna:
Success story
Before and after
Here’s a couple examples of results from our Bodysculpting program:

Also, in her first month, Deanna has lost 15lbs off the scale, lowered her bodyfat by 7%, and lost inches (including 4″ off waist!)  However, she is continuing her success and is down 100lbs and still going strong!!

Since beginning, Bill has gone from 20% to 10% bodyfat, lost 8″ on his waist, and 32lbs off the scale.

In just the first 4 weeks, Brenda lost 6.5″, reduced bodyfat by 2.2%, and dropped 8.5lbs.

In 4 weeks, Lance has gained 4″ on arms/legs/chest while losing 1.5″ around waist.

We are all about comprehensive and more individual training, focusing on you and your results.  It really is more like personal training than group fitness!

Bodysculpting sessions start every month.  Workouts are Mon-Sat.  Class size is small so they fill fast.  If you want to get in on the action, stop by soon to get your spot.  Cost is $141.51per month (+ tax) which includes 4 workouts per week.  Besides killer workouts, good nutritional habits are reinforced with a focus on education and accountability.  See what makes this different than anything else around!
**Next monthly session starts in September!!

One-on-one personal training available as well! 
Our staff of trainers are not only just certified, but also have college degrees in the field.  Our many clients range from weight loss, weight gain, strength/balance, sport specific training among others.  If you want to get out of a rut and train in a private setting, we can set up a program that works for your goals, schedule and budget.  Times available are 5AM thru 7PM.  Contact Daira, Tasha, Mike or Ryan to set up a free initial session/consultation.

One-on-One nutrition and training planning/coaching
If you are interested in getting into your all time best shape and reach your full potential, contact Ryan about one-on-one nutrition/training coaching today.  This is for ANYONE who wants to get in better shape, not just bodybuilders!  Ryan is a certified sports nutrition specialist and will create a custom meal plan based on you, your goals and lifestyle, then monitor and work with you on a weekly basis to make sure you hit your goals.

This is an incredible way to get a quick, non-invasive, therapeutic massage.  What looks like a tanning bed is actually a chamber that has 40 high-pressure jets that go from your feet to your neck pulsating heated water.  You don’t get wet though and are fully dressed.  There is a sheath between you and the water, so you just lay there, relax and enjoy!  A great pick-me-up over lunch, after workouts, or as a maintenance in between intense deep tissue work.  Only $1.00 per minute it is a great way to treat yourself (or someone you know).  Swing in and try it out!


Client Results
Here are some of our recent clients we would like to brag up!

Team Nutri-Sport earned 2nd place at the Iowa State Fair powerlifting meet on Aug 20th.  Great performances by many lifters and a blast as always!  Nutri-Sport is proud to sponsor this event and if you are looking to try powerlifting out, this is one of the best meets to do it at!  Athletes on the team included:  Dan Connett, Jerry Rodriguez, Maurio Coleman, Eric Green and Nick Van Patten.

Kirill:  In doing nutrition/training coaching with us, in his first month, he dropped 4% bodyfat, has lost an inch in his waist, gained an inch on his chest, added 3/8″ on each arm and greatly increased overall strength.

Congrats to Kristina for competing in her first figure competition and earning a 3rd place finish!!  She is continuing on and preparing for the NANBF Natural KC Classic on Sept 16th!!


Questions and answers
New segment: Q & A!!


In this section, we will answer your questions.  If you have one you would like featured here, please send an email to:

Q.  What are testosterone boosters?

A.  Testosterone is the male hormone that controls the male sex characteristics, including stimulating muscle mass and strength.  As we age, this production is lowered.  Supplements that can increase these levels are classified as natural boosters (such as the D-Aspartic Acid) or pro-hormones.  We carry both but strongly recommend the natural route as it works with the body and the side effects aren’t there.  Also, with a PH, results are more temporary, plus is a banned substance by most athletic associations.


Points and dates:

Sept 17th, NANBF/IFPA Pro/Am Physique contest, Kansas City, MO.

Oct 8th, NASA Iowa Regionals Powerlifting, DSM Strength, IA

Oct 22nd, NANBF Best of the Midwest Championships, Cedar Rapids, IA.

Dec 3rd, USAPL Midwest Senior State powerlifting, Freemont, NE

Nov 19th, NANBF Bluffs Classic & USAs, Council Bluffs, IA


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