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Issue: #2

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January has been one of the snowiest winters we’ve had in history, don’t let it deter you from attaining your goals, keep it up in February!!

When it’s cold and snowy, heading to the gym isn’t any easier to do, but when you have goals set and results you want to achieve, you make it happen when others just stay tucked under the covers.  This month, let us help you to increase your results and determination to get you where you want to be.

This month, check out the new supplement highlights that will give you an edge on your workouts.  Also, a new 9-week round of Bodysculpting starts up on Monday, February 1st. Finally, maybe you are ready to take it to the next level and get a customized meal and workout program.

This Monday, February 1st is our Monthly Monday Madness, where you save 15% off our already great low prices. As always, we will be handing out samples and this is the day to stock up on whatever you need or try something new to shake up your supplement program with one of our proven stacks.  Read about our new products below.

New products, breaking news, contest results and tips below (plus even a coupon) so read and feel free to pass on!

Thank you again for your business and continuous referrals.  Remember, we give all new referred customers 15% off and you get a $10.00 store credit as a way to say thank you!  We are thrilled to be a part of your fitness lifestyle and truly enjoy fulfilling our passion of helping people reach their full potential!

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Workout/nutrition tips

New sports nutrition products

Natural testosterone booster stack

While we still carry pro hormones, there are alternatives that natural optimize your body’s testosterone production.  Activate Extreme ensures that you are producing as much test as possible, plus reducing estrogen and cortisol as well.  In addition, it frees up your test by binding with the limiting SHBG hormone, amplifying the results.  We recommend stacking the Activate with ZMA and GABA to further enhance the effects.

New pre-workout formula: Hemo-Rage by Nutrex
Pre-workout formulas are a very common staple in most individuals supplement stack.  They all do similar things (boost energy, increase blood flow, improve mental focus/intensity).  One of the things however, is that each individual reacts different based on their own make-up.  While some products work great for certain people, others it has low effect.  One that our beta-testers had good success with is Hemo-Rage by Nutrex.  It is intense and if you are looking for an edge on your performance and boost in your growth, this might be one to try next time.
New post-workout shake: Aftershock Recovery & Repair
What you ingest after workouts is the most important meal of the day (yes, breakfast is second).  Getting the proper nutrients kick-starts the recovery from your training.  Aftershock has everything you could want post-workout in one convenient serving.  This includes lactose-free protein, quality carbohydrates, BCAAs and glutamine, creatine, anti-oxidants and even glucosamine for the joints.  This is what we call a “lean mass stimulator” meaning that it won’t cause bodyfat gain, but just help repair the muscle, perfect for those who want to build muscle but keep bodyfat low.  Try a sample of the delicious Pina Colada flavor at Monday madness!

Training tip: Attack the weak point
No matter what you train for (general fitness, sports, etc) when you are performing certain exercises, you might notice that you are better at some than others.  Everyone has weak points that limit their performance (the weakest link in a chain breaks first).  To get the most from your workouts, you should first recognize the weakness, then put an emphasis on bringing it up.  This could be many things (weak lower back, inflexibility, tendonitis, imbalance, etc).  Once you discover what is holding you back, prioritize your training to bring the limitation up and blow through your sticking points.  Contact one of our certified trainers if you want to have us help you discover these and design a program to accelerate your progress. 

Nutrition tip: Take it slow
While overnight results shouldn’t be expected, most individuals still are looking for results to happen quicker than they should.  Depending on your bodyweight and current bodyfat percentage, this equals a 1/2 to 1 pound loss per week for women and a 1 to 2 pound loss for men.  By taking it slow, it ensures that your metabolism stays high and you don’t lose excess muscle tissue.  It is also more healthy and reinforces long term results verses a quick “biggest loser” drop.  When we work with our nutrition clients, this is one thing we monitor closely to optimize results.  For more information or a customized meal plan/coaching, contact Ryan, a certified sports nutrition specialist to set up an appointment.

Supplement tip: What you use during your workout is critical
A recent study from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition cited how significant subjects were positively affected when they took in the proper nutrients during training.  While most understand the importance of a good post workout shake, often at best, they just drink water during their workouts.  By sipping on the correct mix during workouts, recovery and performance can be accelerated, resulting in better progress.

Here is a formula for during your workout:
Branch Chain Amino Acids: By sipping on free-form aminos, you are starting tissue repair immediately.  Your body can also use these as a direct source of energy if needed as well.  We recommend Xtend.
Carbs: We’re not talking a lot here, but 20 grams or so will be sufficient to keep glycogen levels up and fuel the fire.  We carry dextrose for this and 2 Tbsp is all you need.
L-Arginine: This amino acid increases blood flow to the muscles, which deliver more nutrients and oxygen during the workouts.  This helps with performance and recovery.
Beta-Alanine: BA delays fatigue by reducing lactic acid buildup.  If the “burn” is causing you to quit, this will reduce this limiting factor.

Recipe: Convenient Post workout shake
Nothing fancy here, just the key ingredients to recover best from your workouts

Ingredients: 1-2 scoops Karbolyn, 1-2 scoops whey protein, 1 scoop Xtend, Creatine, beta alanine.

Mix all of these ingredients dry into a zip-lock baggie and put in a small tupperware container.  After your training and you are done sipping your intra-training drink (see above) take the zip-lock baggie and empty the contents into your shaker right there at the gym.  Add water first, then mix it up.  This allows you to easily get those nutrients into you asap and start the recovery process immediately.

Want more tips?  Subscribe to our blog to get supplement, training and nutrition tips:

Blog entry: New study released on optimal nutrition during training

Blog entry: New workout class announced

Blog entry: National powerlifting meet results

These are just a small handful of tips.  If you would like more or would like us to overhaul your nutrition and/or training program, contact us (515-331-2141) to set up an appointment to hit the ground running!

Full Potential Training corner

Personal Training/Nutrition/Coaching Clients

Check out this recent success story and testimonial:
Success story

Bodysculpting sessions start every 9 weeks.  Workouts are on M/W/F/S or on T/R/S.  Class size is small so they fill fast.  If you want to get in on the action, stop by soon to get your spot.  Cost is $299 on the 4 days per week slots, times are 5 or 6 AM and noon.  The 3 days a week is offered at noon on Tues/Thurs and 9AM on Sat.  Besides killer workouts, good nutritional habits are reinforced with a focus on education and accountability.
**Next session starts Monday, February 1st**

One-on-one personal training available as well!
Our staff of trainers are not only just certified, but also have college degrees in the field.  Our many clients range from weight loss, weight gain, strength/balance, sport specific training among others.  If you want to get out of a rut and train in a private setting, we can set up a program that works for your goals, schedule and budget.  Times available are 5AM thru 7PM.  Contact Daira, Tasha, David or Ryan to set up a free initial session/consultation.

In-home training!!
Perhaps you have a home gym and you want to get better (or some) use out of it, this is for you!!  We will come to you and train you on your equipment (plus bring a little of ours) to make sure you get a killer workout at home.  We can also help you design your home program so that you see results and stick with it.

Want an edge on your training?
Personal training (as low as $35 per session)
Nutrition/Training programs
Supplement programs
Classes/small group
Meal plan/coaching

One-on-One nutrition and training planning/coaching
If you are interested in getting into your all time best shape and reach your full potential, contact Ryan about one-on-one nutrition/training coaching today.  This is for ANYONE who wants to get in better shape, not just bodybuilders!  Ryan is a certified sports nutrition specialist and will create a custom meal plan based on you, your goals and lifestyle, then monitor and work with you on a weekly basis to make sure you hit your goals.

This is an incredible way to get a quick, non-invasive, therapeutic massage.  What looks like a tanning bed is actually a chamber that has 40 high-pressure jets that go from your feet to your neck pulsating heated water.  You don’t get wet though and are fully dressed.  There is a sheath between you and the water, so you just lay there, relax and enjoy!  A great pick-me-up over lunch, after workouts, or as a maintenance in between intense deep tissue work.  Only $1.00 per minute it is a great way to treat yourself (or someone you know).  Swing in and try it out!

Contest Results
Team Nutri-Sport represents in Des Moines and Oklahoma City

On January 23rd, the second annual Bench Bash push/pull powerlifting meet was held at Fitness World East in Pleasant Hill, put on by Fitness World 24 in Urbandale.  Many Team Nutri-Sport athletes competed and hit personal records!  Below are some results and highlights:
Maurio Coleman: benched 415 (plus 25lbs lighter than before!)
Stephanie Binney: deadlift of 300, benched 155
Mesha Wagner: bench of 110
Vickie Williams: bench of 95
Jim Einerson: 305 bench, 440 deadlift
Tim Quick: 395 bench (best overall raw bench)

NASA Powerlifting Nationals was held in Oklahoma City.  Team Nutri-Sport did well, finishing 2nd out of 3 teams without a full line up!  Below are the results:
Dan Connett: Squat 540, bench 358, deadlift 575 (all unequipped or “raw”)
Joe Symonds: Squat 331, bench 270, deadlift 419
Ryan Irwin: Squat 408, bench 298, deadlift 490 (set American Bench record at 148 and was named overall Powersports Champion)
Dave Ridlen: Bench 507 (new American record at 275)

Points and dates:

Monday Madness this coming Monday (February 1st)!!  15% off regular shelf prices!!

NASA Iowa Regional Powerlifting meet, Des Moines, April 17th.

NANBF Nutri-Sport Natural Iowa Bodybuilding/Figure Championships, Des Moines, May 8th.


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