Precontest preperation is on!!

July 3, 2009 by  

July 1st marked the beginning of my precontest preparation for the NANBF Natural USA bodybuilding competition.  The event is on October 24 and is in a suburb of Chicago.  This is a pro-qualifying contest for the IFPA.  Four years ago I placed 4th, three years ago I placed 3rd.  I took the last two years off to make improvements, so hopefully this is my year!

My diet is planned out and I am going to gradually dial it in over the next 16 weeks to preserve as much muscle as possible while getting extremely lean.  I also am going to do a bench press meet (Iowa Games) on July 26th and a push/pull meet (Iowa State Fair) on August 22nd.  Keeping my strength up while in precontest mode will be an interesting experiment, looking forward to the challenge!

For supplements, at this point I am using creatine, alpha lipoic acid, acetyl-L Carnitine, CLA, along with my Essential Fatty Acids and vitamins.  Cardio includes both high intensity sprints and steady state.

Below is one of the “before” pictures.  I am about 10.5% bodyfat per calipers and sitting around 160-163.  I will continue to update and post changes throughout this journey!

Ryan Irwin 16 weeks out

Ryan Irwin 16 weeks out

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