The advantages of being ‘fine’

The advantages of being 'fine'

Everyone loves showing off when summer comes and goes “moment swimsuit”, a mix of races and snacks are healthy dangerous “summer diets” alternative.

In Runner’s World we do not get tired of repeating yourself that running is the best exercise to lose weight if you follow a healthy diet. Summer is the best time to lose weight because the dishes are light and feel great. This year we will not talk only of salads, there is more light summer dishes that will make you look your slender figure on the beach this summer.

Not enough to maintain weight, experts have shown that food excesses are paid to health, so you should not allow even a kilo more.

More and more studies show that the key to a long and healthy life is to follow a no calorie diet. Since the 30s we know that mice are subjected to low-calorie diets may live longer than the rest. Recent research has found even more:

Obesity increases the risk of cancer, especially in women has been that obesity doubles the risk of developing breast cancer.

The ” Playstation generation “less than 150 minutes of exercise a day ago which has led to increasing child and adolescent obesity.

Diets low in calories reduce damage to cellular DNA, so that prolong the life of cells and prevent genetic damage.

There is increasing metabolism related genes and body weight. It was recently discovered the gene perilipin (PLIN) controlling a protein that regulates the release of cell fat and some of its variants make the most resistant people diets.

Not only matter how many calories, too important quality. You can follow a menu of 2,000 calories a day in many ways, thou mayest eat a chocolate spread throughout the day or you can eat 5 small meals to include vegetables fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, etc. Obviously, you will not get lose weight eating only chocolate.

The fasts that recommend many religions (Buddhists, Easter Catholic, Islamic Ramadan, etc.) seem to have a protective role on mental degenerative diseases. At least the mouse experiments show that 24-hour fasting can increase glucose metabolism and preventing the development of Parkinson’s disease and stroke.

Slimming sleeping. In a recent study has found that women who slept five or less hours a night have a 32% chance of winning an average of 15 kilos or more over the years.

It seems that the less sleep decreases the basal metabolic rate and increases the need for pecking energy dense foods to maintain brain activity. So if well run, remember to allow time for the mind and body to recover from stress and sleep 20 minutes per hour of training.

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