Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Research Chemistry

Chemical Imbalance (2)

One of the core subjects we are forced to learn in high school is Chemistry. Now for most, Chemistry is simply that science subject that deals with the composition, structure and change of physical matter. For most people their interest of science and Chemistry ends there. This is however not the case for those who chose to pursue advanced studies that focus a whole lot more on Chemistry and go deeper with the subject.

  1. Research Chemistry is a million dollar industry

Did you know that the research chemistry industry generates millions of dollars of revenue for sellers on a daily basis? Small wonder why many graduated and qualified Chemical Engineers, Chemists, Pharmacists end up working underground to create and facilitate this industry. There is an entire underground network that is at work much like human trafficking that goes unseen by ordinary people.

  1. The Research Chemistry Industry is the number one ‘LEGAL’ means of obtaining drugs today

Thousands of substance abusers are able to easily get their hands onto drugs thanks to their availability on the market. All you need to do is buy them under the pretenses of research chemicals. Those involved in this research chemistry industry are then able to get their products out to users in this legal manner. Often times these people who are purchasing the drugs don’t even need to leave the comfort of their own homes. They simply place an order online to buy research chemicals, make the payment using either PayPal or with credit card.

  1. Research Chemistry provides alternatives to common popular drugs

Research chemists practicing research chemistry are able to alter and create new drugs in the labs and then sell these to people under research chemicals. This makes it extremely hard to keep tabs on the amount of drugs being moved around and the number of people who are substance abusers. Many of these drugs end up at parties and clubs and oftentimes new club goers end up falling prey and victim to those selling these drugs.

  1. Research Chemicals used as drugs can have lethal consequences

Research chemistry produces research chemicals. As the name implies these substances are meant to be used for forensic and research purposes but sadly when they are abused as drugs they can have lethal consequences because these chemicals were not designed with this specific goal in mind.

Research chemicals have the ability to induce altered states in the substance abuser, feelings of euphoria, delusions and sometimes hallucinations. This is especially true when you buy bath salts for sale. What makes these substances doubly dangerous is that in many of the cases there is no way to tell just how much a person has taken. Measuring dosages and quantities can prove difficult especially to a first time user.  The number of deaths related to abuse of research chemicals each year is on the rise.

  1. Most abusers are not properly informed of the damages research chemistry substances can have on their health

Prolonged use and abuse of research chemicals has the potential to lead to severe physical and psychological complications. Brain damage, damage to nerve tissue, damage to body organs are just the tip of the iceberg for the complications associated with abuse of these substances. What makes the situation worse is the fact that there is very little information available to the users to help them protect themselves from the harmful effects of these chemicals.

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