What is body pump?

What is body pump

2×1 sport. So the body pump, an activity that combines the best of the fitness rooms with aerobic work, in order to tone muscles and burn calories at the same time is presented.

To win muscle or burn fat? It may not question an important question but, for people who want to get in shape, it is almost a daily question when we have to decide how to use the little time available to devote to a sport, for that exercise compliance all our objectives.

Some friends recommended us to crush in the weight room and others who do not stop sweating or running on the treadmill with a good rhythm on the bike or elliptical. And if we do not so clear … why should we choose? The body pump may be the answer you are looking for.

What is body pump?

Precisely with the idea of combining both types of exercise it was born in the late twentieth century in Australia the body pump, a sport that combines anaerobic exercise weightlifting with more rhythm aerobics, typical of an aerobics class or step.

Its creators, the chain of fitness Les Mills, devised a program combining both activities into classes of one hour, so that people are encouraged-and still do in many gyms that already could cover a range offer- fuller exercise without having to choose only one type of activity for lack of time or desire.

Also, people who are bored with the classics repetitions tables bodybuilding, or feel a little intimidated in those areas of the gym before muscled raising nearly impossible weights found in the body pump alternative tone up without complexes since, although it is a collective class, everyone chooses the weight you lift according to their ability and fitness.

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